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June 13, 2008

boguk on line remaining 4 clauses

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*10. Find out about software designed to protect children from accessing unsuitable information on the Internet, such as Net Nanny. Look at costs, ease of use and limitations. If possible try them out. How effective are they? Do they hinder the “normal” use of the internet?
Glubble – provides a “white list” of allowed sites rather than you trying to “blacklist” sites you don’t want the child to visit. Very effective at stopping those nasty little pop ups from luring a child off to download Smilie Central or other such nonsense! Free and seemed very easy to set up. Any site she wants to use that I haven’t listed is sent as a request to me, I look at it via my PC and either allow or bar. I’ve tried to catch it out but it’s actually very tight. The major disadvantage is that your child can’t have your own “home page”, you get a “home Glubble” which isn’t pictorial enough for my pre-literate child!  Also, you can’t access your borwser’s “Favourites” list, you can only access what’s in “your” glubble’s version of a favourites list which is every site you are allowed to visit with no catagorising etc to keep it in some kind of order if you are logged in as a child. Normal access to net can be restored by logging in as an adult helper, it’s easy to switch users and as long as you remember NOT to check “remember me” then the child can’t log in as an adult!
PC-Cillin’s suite has a very good alternative “white-listing” function in it’s firewall.  This isn’t free but, as you need AV software if you run Windoze anyway and a firewall is handy then it’s no great shakes to buy this one as opposed to any other (and it’s faster than Norton!)  This doesn’t have the drawbacks of not being able to access your own prefered “home page” or being able to access your browser’s Favourites but adding new sites is much more fiddly as you need to log in on the PC that needs access to the site, go through a few menus in PC-Cillin and add the site manually.

*12. Carry out research on Guiding in a foreign country using the Internet as your main research tool. Find activities, information and pictures. Use the information gained to create an International evening for a unit.

*13. Go to the website of your favourite TV show, magazine or similar. Does the content repeat what the show said, does it support it, or is it totally unrelated?

*14. Investigate the various options for paying for goods when shopping on the Internet (e.g. paypal, secure credit card transaction etc) and evaluate the range of places that accept them, the security aspects, who they are open to etc.

*15. Become an Internet tourist by “visiting” a major city in this country or abroad. Access maps and information about weather, visit museums and other places of interest. Share your tour with others. or Use the Internet to plan a family or Guide trip, including travel options, costs, opening times, places of interest and accommodation.


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