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March 27, 2008

BOGUK GETS CRAFTY – parts 2 + smaller projects

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2. Make three greetings cards using a different technique for each, e.g. pressed flowers, quilling, rubber stamps, decoupage etc. These should be of a standard you would not be embarrassed to send!

1 stamped, with added water colour pencil to bring out the design, forgot to photograph this one before I sent it though Usually I use th heat embossing powders when I am colouring in a stamp but I have loaned it all to mum and may not get it back for months! I have a couple of lovely Christmas ones that I do with a black sparkly embossing powder then fill in the colour, look like stained glass windows when they are done.

celebrate card

wedding aniversary card for mum and dad, embossed onto parchment. I will confess to buying a Fiskar gadget for the embossing as brass embossing stencils are just a nuicance unless you have a light box, I have a few sheets for it but this one just caught my eye for the project. The focus on the pic isn’t terific, my camera doesn’t cope well unless there is a definite, clear subject to focus on. It looked much better in real life! Usually I emboss onto the card itself but I fancied a change and with the parchment you can colour the back and get a softer effect.

3d effect birthday card for Duke

and a layered card for Duke. The effect is lost somewhat I think but it was fun to do and well recieved!

wedding card

Oh, and having forgotten to photograph the stamped card, here’s a Pergamano one I did for a wedding last week.

Complete three smaller projects, at least one of which uses a craft which is new to you. The others should extend your existing knowledge or develop new ones. You may like to choose some of the following, or develop your own challenges using crafts of your choice.

craft foam woggles

First one – made a range of woggles with craft foam, some plaited ones and some with stamped pictures hot glued to a strip of foam. All with pop-stud fasteners so they go on easier than slides. I’ve only ever used foam for flat deorations on cards before so this was a new method for me, have to say I rather like the effect and at least this way I won’t be worried about the cost of replacing any lost ones. The 4 coloured “plait” was fun, I knew the theory of how to do it from doing pillow lace as a kid but transfering that idea to foam was interesting! Actually, the hardest bit is securing the ends, the rest was really simple once I had worked out how.

badge blanket/cloak
cloak frontcloak back

second one – hand sew a “badge cloak” with a hood and braid fasteners, no pattern so not a candidate for “gets needled” it’s just a huge semicircle with a “bite out” for the neck and a semicirclular “bag hood” hand stitched in using “baseball stitch” to keep the seams flat and pretty much invisible. Embellished with cord fasteners made on a “braiding wheel”. It was not physically a small project (!) but not a huge project time wise, in fact it took significantly longer to re-sew all teh badges back on. Braiding this way is pretty new to me, I tried it briefly lsat year at a re-enactment we went to watch but set to with a vengance on a home made cardboard braiding wheel for this one to keep dd company whilst she did a friendship band for her Brownie Craft badge. The biggest learning point on this is that the wheel needs to be stiff cardboard, cereal packet will just not do the trick! If the wheel flexes then you don’t keep an even tension on the braid and it just looks awful (and you just know I found this out the hard way don’t you!)  It is an utterly huge cloak, comes right down to my boot tops, so I’ve plenty of space for lots of lovely new badges over the years so I’m going all out for mementos of all camps, trips etc as well as lots of BOGUKs!


Third one – jewelry making – not done this before. I started off easy with a “tiara” for Aprilia with pony and faceted beads on gold “pipe cleaners”. This was fiddly at times but the results are fab, the picture is of the 3rd one I made for her (the first was mainly pinks and was chunkier as they were the beads I had handy, the second was red and gold to match a dressing up outfit and was by far my favourite colour combo, this one is for a different dressing up outfit and has yet to get mangled out of shape or broken with constant wear!) After that I made a beaded necklace to match with it with a “safe break” fastener I created by making a loop of small beads which a larger bead just passes through. It holds safely enough but will come undone if it gets snagged without breaking apart the whole thing. Finally, just out of idle curiosity, I had a go at making a few stitch markers for knitting. Just a few co-ordinating beads on a jewelry wire that I could loop to allow them to hang off my needles at the required places. These are not a thing of stunning beauty as I couldn’t get the loops properly round like they are meant to be but they will serve their purpose much better than the scraps of yarn I usually use.  I’d like another go with the wire but with someone to show me how to do it properly but I tried my best and the results are perfectly good for what I want.

Looking after equipment etc

Hot glue gun – keep away from small hands unless I’m there to supervise.

Likewise craft knives and popper press (poppers have sharp spikes and you would really know about it if you got your finger caught in the press)

All cardmaking equipment is stored in a large toolbox to keep it contained and to discourage it from traveling round th house when my back is turned. Stamps are cleaned straight after use before the ink sets – forgot this once and ruined a new stamping pad with transfered ink, never again!

Knitting needles are kept in my old baby changing bag out of the way – it’s the only thing big enough with enough pockets. I use bamboo so they are more brittle than metal ones and take a little more looking after. I’d like a nicer way to store them but haven’t found anything I like and can afford yet. Obviously this is a candidate for a sewing project at some point!

Sewing equipment – having lost way too many needles and pins over the years I’ve got a bit obsessional about looking after these now. Anything sharp is stored in my needle case (little pop-studded wallet with space for lots of sharp bits!) or in a pin cushion. Thread is contained within a large bag just now but I’d like something better eventually so I can see waht I’ve got better. Maybe another toolbox but adapted to keep the thread from just rolling about somehow – definitely a future project!

Tools for bending the beading wire were actually my grips out of my first aid kit 😳 as it seemed an awful expense to get proper ones for a “have a go” project. Not being a dangly ear ring person I can’t see me having much call for doing this often (tehre are only so many stitch markers a gal can use you know!) so I’m not investing.


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