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July 12, 2008

Boguk, (alegedly) gets healthy! (or that’s the plan!)

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Over a three month period, take steps to improve your health and develop awareness of healthy living.

Complete six clauses.

4. Take up a new fitness routine, lasting at least 15 minutes 4 times a week. This could be as simple as walking to the shop, or as intensive as an hour at the gym.

Started 12 July 08 – weekly 1 hour Kung Fu session with daughter (whilst she is there I may as well join in)

Still going strong with this, I think I can declare it a habit!

7. Eat (a healthy) breakfast every day!

Started 12 July 08 – porridge and dried fruit is now replacing my normal jammy toast breakfast unless all the family are home when it’s pancakes (it’s so rare we are all home all day that it’s not going to impact significantly on any healthy eating regimen!) washed down with fruit juice (watered down, pure juice rots teeth faster than lollipops aparently) to make it 2 of my 5 a day right from the start of the day.

Biggest problem with this has been remembering to load the dishwasher every night so that the porridge pan is clean in the morning.  Won’t be so much of a problem in winter when we put the boiler on and have hot water to wash by hand! (the cowboy who fitted the boiler in our house didn’t fit seperate controls for central heating and hot water, we have to have the heating on if we want hot water and much as it’s tempting to have it on in this awful weather it’s just too expensive!)  It’s working though, I’m not hungry until lunch now so I’m not snacking in the morning.

10. Set yourself a health-challenge. This could be stopping biting your nails, losing weight or eating less junk food. Evaluate your progress after 1 month. Do you need to make any changes?

Started 12 July – warm up and stretch routines daily plus re-instigating my knee physio excercises that tend to get forgotten until they twist out and I’m in pain again.

Had a few hiccoughs with this one and had to change some of the exercises as some were putting strain on my very wobbly knees.  Now I’ve got it fine tuned I’m feeling the benefits and it really has become a habit as I feel so much better when it do it in the morning and settle to bed so much better if I do them again in the evening.  I tried adding in a few other bits but really it’s the warm up and stretch out bits that are hiiting the spot.  I think I do need to find a few other bits to add in, probably strenght training for my upper body so I don’t collapse in a pathetic heap each week at Kung Fu when we do push ups!

11. Keep a record of everything you drink for a week. Check to see if you are getting 1.5 litres or five or more glasses of water a day – the amount needed by the average person. Over the time you are working for the badge, try to increase the amount of fresh water you drink and, at the same time, try to decrease the number of soft drinks or other sugary drinks you have. See how long you can stick to this.

21st July – No, not fessing up, sorry!  All I think I need to say on the matter of noting down how much I drink in a week is that it’s way too little, which would probably explain a lot.  So, as from today I’ve got 3 sport bottles filled, one by the PC, one by my chair in the living room and one in the kitchen so I’ve got water where ever I am.  Hoping that will remind me to drink it!

Had to go and buy more sport bottles as dd kept drinking my water!  I can’t say as I can see a lot of benefit from drinking more, other than needing to go to the loo more often which all adds to the excercise with all that running up and down the stairs but it’s making a difference to dd who has no sense of thirst so only drinks if she sees me drinking and thus often ends up dehydrated.  So, for her benefit, I’ll stick with this and just remind myself that stair climbing is good for my knees!  I suspect that dehydration hasn’t been at the root of my tiredness after all.  But at least now I know so I can start looking at other things.

16. Look at the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat on a day-to-day basis. Introduce one extra piece of fruit or portion of vegetables to your diet each day.

No where near enough! So, from a start point of maybe 1 or 2 portions a day (glass of fruit juice and a handful of dry fruit for a snack usually), I really have a lot of scope for improving don’t I!

This has been REALLY hard.  It’s not that I don’t like fruit and veg but our garden has produced b****er all this year except for some rather lovely carrots and adding good food to a diet seems significantly more expensive than filling up on spuds and bread.  I am consistently managing 3 portions by adding a lot more onion to a lot of our foods, they are cheap enough that I can be generous and then trying to make it 4 with whatever is cheap.  I’m in danger of turning into a baked bean though!

18. Every night for a week, spend one hour doing something that totally relaxes you, eg listening to music, crafts, going swimming, reading or yoga. This is your time so you decide what it is! Record in an interesting way what you feel before and after the hour.

There have been so many false starts on this one!  In fact, I did wonder if I was going to have to start all over again over this one clause 8-0 I tried Yoga, it was lovely but after 3 nights I was exhausted, and it was only a kid’s DVD!!!  I tried Tai Chi but I really need to go get some lessons as I just ended up frustrated with not knowing if I was doing it right, being pretty sure I wasn’t and tripping myself up, but it’s something I really want to learn.  I read loads to my dd anyway so, although I do enjoy doing it and find it the most relaxing part of my day (cos I only read books I can enjoy too and it’s the part of our home ed that doesn’t cause battles!) I didn’t feel that it really counted as doing something for me!  I dug out my drawing course that I abandoned when I started this yera’s OU course and tried to get back into that then realised I’d stopped because I just didn’t have the mental energy to put into it as well as dealing with my studying.  But eventually I cracked it!  I have been spending every evening using up my craft stash.  I’ve knitted (using various yarns to make a shrug that will be a thing of warmth but no real beauty but I don’t care cos warmth is good!)  I’ve crocheted a few baby things for the local SCBU.  I’ve had a go on my dd’s weaving loom and made me a bookmark!  And I’ve not had to neglect anyone in the family to do it as I can be in the same room as everyone else and still be doing something for ME!  It’s gone on for 3 weeks now and I’ve still not found the bottom of the yarn stash but I’m really enjoying the effort!

I’m not sure how to record that interestingly though!  I do feel different for doing it, I sort of felt guilty for doing stuff just for me when I “should” be doing mummy stuff or housey stuff or study stuff when I started but really, the evenings are often “dead time” anyway, I’m too tired to study, the house is as done as it’s going to get done and if dd isn’t in bed then she should be.  I like that I’m getting something for my time too, having something to show for it is nice.


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  1. Well done – it was a challenge and you did it

    Comment by Chris — June 28, 2009 @ 7:49 pm

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