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June 22, 2008

Boguk on line – first 6 clauses

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Complete Clauses 1-6 and four more which provide a personal challenge to you

1. Learn how to use a computer to connect to the internet. Find out about the options for accessing the World Wide Web. Discover where in your area you can connect to the internet (e.g. libraries, cyber café etc)

We have broadband so connecting is easy, assuming the router is playing nice, if not then it’s just a case of resetting it! As all 3 of us use the net at the same time at home, broadband over a LAN is the only practical option. We use TalkTalk which is “free” if you have the phone with them (which means it’s included in the price really doesn’t it)

Locally you can access the net free in the library for up to an hour, at the Learning Zone if you are on a course there and also, if you just need somewhere to pick up a WiFi signal, you can get that in McDonalds and at Polar Palace soft play place. Oh, and there’s that un-passworded WiFi just up the street that Duke has accidentally logged into a few times!

2. Connect to the Guide Association site at and read the “Internet Safety Guidelines”.

Done! And discussed at great length with Aprilia (age 7)

Develop family and/or personal guidelines for use of online services and exploration of the Internet. Discuss issues such as costs, amount of use that is reasonable, parental guidance, shopping by computer, best times to use the phone line, sharing of the computer and phone line by family members, and safety on the Internet.

Guidelines for Aprilia are that she does not use the PC for more than half an hour, she wears her glasses and she only uses her own PC (which has a protection against nasty sites programme on it)  She also follows the Guiding Web Safety Code.

Guidelines for me and him are that we do not use the PC for more than an hour without a break, do not use our own names or give away any personal data on open fora and only use repuatable companies for on-line shopping.

As we have broadband and a wireless network there are no sharing issues or clogging up the phoneline issues.

3. Learn how to send e-mail to someone, and to receive/check email.

Done! Currently using “Googlemail” via the net rather than downloading as it makes it easier to refer back to mails if I’m nicking Duke’s laptop or accessing the web away from home. Not 100% happy with it (I like Thunderbird as a mail program) but it’s flexible.

Learn to attach a document from a file and send it as part of your e-mail message.

Done and (eventually) taught my mum to do it too.

Know how to zip a document using WINZIP or similar software when sending attachments.


Keep a list of favourite e-mail addresses.

Have both Googlemail and Thunderbird set to automatically add any address I reply to into my address book.

4. Find out how to join the GuidingUK mailing list and join! Take part in discussion on the GuidingUK list for at least three months, posting as often as possible (at least once a week)

Will have completed 3 months by the end of August

5. Take part in an online chat session with at least two other people.

shudder, I loath chat with a passion but, for you Master BOGUK, I’ve done it! Chat was via the First Class system within the Open Universtiy and was on the forum for the course I’m doing. There were about 5 of us and it was about an hour long.

6. Say hello to BOGUK by leaving a message on his guest book on the BOGUK site



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